The Frigidaire freezer compressor is not running, which could be due to a faulty start relay or overload protector. This can be resolved by replacing the defective part with a new one.

It is important to troubleshoot the issue to determine the exact cause and ensure the proper functioning of the freezer. Having a malfunctioning freezer can be a major inconvenience, especially when the compressor is not running. This could lead to a loss of frozen goods and reduce the lifespan of the appliance.

If you are facing this issue with your Frigidaire freezer, it is crucial to identify the problem and find a solution. We will discuss the common causes and solutions for a Frigidaire freezer compressor not running. By following these steps, you will be able to troubleshoot the issue and restore the functionality of your freezer efficiently.

Frigidaire Freezer Compressor Not Running  : Troubleshooting Tips to Fix the Issue


Identifying The Problem

  • Fruniture doesn’t freeze properly
  • Food spoils quickly
  • Ice cream melts
  • Loud or unusual noises coming from the freezer

When troubleshooting a Frigidaire freezer with a non-functioning compressor, it is essential to check the power supply and circuit breakers. Ensure that the freezer is properly plugged in and that the outlet is functioning correctly. Sometimes, circuit breakers can trip, causing the freezer to lose power. If the power supply is fine, listen for any unusual sounds coming from the compressor. Strange noises could indicate a broken or faulty compressor. In such cases, it is recommended to seek professional help to diagnose and fix the issue properly.

Troubleshooting Tips For Frigidaire Freezer Compressor

Is your Frigidaire freezer compressor not running? Don’t fret, as there are a few troubleshooting tips you can try before calling for professional help. First, make sure to clean the condenser coils regularly to prevent dust and debris build-up. This can impede the compressor’s performance. Additionally, check that the temperature settings are at the appropriate level for optimal cooling. Adjust as needed to ensure the freezer is functioning efficiently. Finally, inspect the freezer for any blockages or obstructions that may be interfering with the compressor’s operation. Remove any items that may be causing the issue. By following these simple steps, you can potentially resolve the issue and have your Frigidaire freezer working properly again.

Potential Solutions To Frigidaire Freezer Compressor Issues

If you are facing issues with your Frigidaire Freezer Compressor not running, there are a few potential solutions you can try before seeking professional assistance. The first step is to test the compressor motor to determine if it is functioning properly. Check for any visible signs of damage or wear on the motor, such as burning or broken wires. Next, you can try replacing faulty compressor components, such as the start relay or the overload protector. These components are relatively easy to replace and can often solve the problem. If you are unsure how to replace the components, consult the appliance’s manual or search for online tutorials. If all else fails, it may be necessary to seek professional assistance. They have the expertise and tools to diagnose and fix complex compressor issues.

Frequently Asked Questions On Frigidaire Freezer Compressor Not Running

What Causes A Freezer Compressor To Stop Working?

A freezer compressor can stop working due to issues like a faulty thermostat, a failed capacitor, a malfunctioning motor, or low levels of refrigerant.

How Do I Reset My Frigidaire Compressor?

To reset your Frigidaire compressor, follow these steps: 1. Turn off the unit and unplug it from the power source. 2. Wait for 5 minutes to allow the compressor to fully reset. 3. Plug the unit back in and turn it on.

4. Check if the compressor has reset by monitoring its performance. 5. If the issue persists, contact Frigidaire customer support for further assistance.

How Do I Know If My Freezer Compressor Is Bad?

To determine if your freezer compressor is bad, check for signs such as excessive noise, warm or inconsistent temperature, water leakage, or a lack of cooling. If you notice any of these issues, it’s likely that your compressor needs repair or replacement.

What Would Cause A Frigidaire Freezer To Stop Working?

A Frigidaire freezer can stop working due to various reasons such as a faulty thermostat, malfunctioning compressor, clogged condenser coils, or a broken defrost timer. It is important to troubleshoot the specific issue and consider seeking professional assistance for repairs.


Don’t let a non-running Frigidaire freezer compressor ruin your day. By troubleshooting common issues, you can potentially solve the problem yourself and avoid costly repairs. Start by checking the power supply, thermostat settings, and ensuring proper ventilation. If these steps don’t work, seeking professional help is recommended.

Remember, regular maintenance can prevent future compressor problems and extend the lifespan of your freezer. Keep your frozen goods safe and sound!

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